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Friday, June 14, 2019

Trustee minutes, June 11, 2019

Town of Springfield

Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM.
Present: Jen Dechen, Herb Jamison, Anna Boarini, Margie Reurink, Amy Howlett (director), Barbara Ball (minutes),  Sara Druen, Ralph Jacobs

Absent: N/A

2. Additions/ subtractions to the Agenda

3.   Public comments

4.   Review and approve minutes from the May meeting
Minutes from the May meeting were reviewed and approved as written. (Barbara motioned, Herb second.)

5. Amy shared the director's report.
Anna suggested having a program by SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)as part of the effort to build compassion and trust through library programs. Anna will talk with Ponnie re this.

Margie expressed her interest in having a portable library that can go out to community members who may not be able to get to the library. Amy agreed this could be a good idea but warned against the idea of a vehicle (bookmobile, etc.) that the library has to support and maintain.

FOSTL's next meeting is the first Wednesday in July.
FOSTL book sale will take place July 26&27. Sorting will take place at the Armory on Mondays from 9-12 and Thursdays at noon. Trustees are welcome to volunteer!

6. Discussion of community attitudes around opioid use
Discussion on how the library can work to change the lens through which many community members appear to see drug addiction. That many people may see “junkies” vs a person suffering from a disease. That the compassion expressed for, i.e., someone suffering a heart attack may not be exhibited for someone suffering from an overdose. Discussion on ways to open hearts and minds such as sharing stories. That people from all walks of life are affected by opioid abuse/use. 
The idea of having a discussion at the library with people affected by opioid overdose, etc.
Maybe a movie showing, such as the PBS film featuring the father of a UVM student who died of addiction(?). In the past, the library had a panel presentation on opioid abuse made up of a Springfield doctor, Turning Point Director Mike Johnson, a family member of someone living with addiction, etc.
A few years ago, the City of Burlington hosted a book group discussion and author reading ofDreamland by Sam Quinones.
Michelle has talked about doing a book discussion for kids: Jarrett Krosoczka's graphic novel, Hey, Kiddo, which is the story of a boy brought up by his grandparents because his mother is a heroin addict.
Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude by Kris Francoeur is another book mentioned which is by a Rutland-area mother whose son died of a drug overdose. Suggestion that she may be doing speaking tours.
Group agreed that the library should be a safe space where people can talk about these things.
Discussion about the library doing a 4-part series of how a life can be affected by drug abuse.
Amy suggested the board think of doing a program sometime in January or February.
Amy mentioned that the Bellows Falls library is doing a “stories of hope” presentation on this topic.

7. Hiring Update
The position has been offered to a candidate who is considering it. Anna will keep us informed.

Margie suggested having a key holder in the bathrooms. Amy will see to this.

8. Next meeting date: Tuesday, July 9th, 6:30pm.
9. Motion to adjourn. (Barbara motioned, second Sara) 7:17pm.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Trustee agenda, June 11

TUESDAY, June 11, 2019
6:30 pm at the Library

1.   Call to order

2.   Additions and subtractions to Agenda

3.   Public comments

4.   Minutes of May 14 meeting  

5.   Director’s Report

6.   Discussion of community attitudes around opioid use

7.   Hiring update

8.    Next meeting date?

9.    Adjourn