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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Trustee minutes, April 16

Town of  Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:37 PM.
Present: Jen Dechen (minutes), Amy Howlett (director), Anna Boarini, Herb Jamison, Ralph Jacobs, Margie Reurink, Sara Druen
Absent: Barbara Ball

2. Additions and Subtractions to the Agenda  N/A

3. Public Comments  N/A

4. Minutes of March 12 meeting
Minutes from the March meeting were reviewed and approved as written. (Sara motioned, Margie second). Motion passes.

5. Feed Your Passion Event
Amy - Rick Hunter will be doing astronomy. Corrine Hammond will be joining BRAT. 371 is out.
Ralph will take over Corrine Hammond's table about Mt. Ascutney. He will provide a display.
Barbara could not set up anything with Riverside restaurant.
Amy - Sheri's Place for chips and salsa. Margie volunteered to ask.
Sara was unable to talk with Springfield cinema.
Margie - Who will be here to set up early and who will help with clean up after?
She said she can stay late.
Sara, Jen, Ralph, Herb can come early.
Anna will be in and out to help.
Amy will make a Facebook event.
Sara will confirm Stringers.
Ralph did not get in contact with John Swanson. John Swanson will  be a part of the Springfield Historical Society.
We will move Cuppity Kakes to circ desk.
Ralph will not be doing the Trivia Table.
River Valley Tech's Kelly Broker-Campbell is confirmed.
Amy will update map of event. She will also contact Clever Cow Designs for T-shirts for trustees.
Sara mentioned need for garbage and paper products.
Anna will bring napkins and water jug.
Amy will bring small cups.
Library will provide water with lemon.

6. Amy shared the Director's report
Notice of trespass filed.
Margie and Sara want to be proactive.
Amy will ask for a police walk through.
Chain of command reviewed. Complaints from staff or public about the Library, go to the director; if trustees feel the director is at fault, go to the Town Manager.

7. Policy discussion
Discussion of whether birth-18 is the right age for parent and guardian permission. Registration forms use birth to 16 as student/child/parental signature required.
Internet policy discussed.
Amy asked that the policy reflect the reality: the Library has not filtered internet in the last five years. Trustee concern: walking in, you can see computer screens. Discussion of privacy screens, perhaps the kind that require leaning over. Amy will ask staff for recommendations on keeping viewing private; library has Chromebooks and laptops to lend for inlibrary use.
Anna calls for a motion to proposed changes on public access on the internet. (Jen motioned, Ralph second). Motion passes.
Anna asks for a motion for the proposed changes to guidelines for library behavior. (Ralph motioned, Sara second). Motion passes.

8. 200th Birthday Update
Amy has requested each trustee to write one story for the 200th birthday celebration.
Margie suggested reaching out to school librarians to do this as a project with students.
Sara suggested that old typewriters be next to a computer for a writing station.
Anna suggested an oral history type project. She will write some prompts.

9. Hiring Update
Anna  - The director position application deadline was pushed out to gather more applicants.
The Vermont library server crashed which could have accounted for low turnout.
They will begin culling and reviewing resumes soon. They will schedule interviews the first week of May. Hopefully, will make decision on May 8th or 9th.
She also asked the board for questions to ask candidates regarding the redevelopment of Springfield.

10 Next meeting - May 14, 2019, 6:30pm

11. Motion to adjourn  (Ralph motioned, Sara second) 8:25pm