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Monday, October 15, 2018

Trustee minutes, October 9, 2018

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, October 9, 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM.
Present: Jen Dechen, Herb Jamison, Sara Druen,  Amy Howlett (director), Barbara Ball (minutes),
Absent:Richard CoFrancesco, Margie Reurink, Matthew Pincus

2. Additions/ subtractions to the Agenda
Amy asked to revisit the meeting room policy.

2a. Meeting room policy
Amy reviewed the policy (up for second reading). Adult-sized chairs and table have been ordered. Motion to approve policy as written passed. (Jen) second (Sara).

3.   Public comments

4.   Review and approve minutes from the September meeting
Correction related to discussion on staff work time. Preferred wording: Trustees asked whether staff work beyond regular schedules. Staff who work less than 40 hours/week can either get paid for working Saturdays or earn compensatory time for those hours. Evening hours are part of staff regular work schedules. There are rare occasions when staff are asked to work additional hours which are typically comp time.
Motion to approve minutes as written but with the above correction passed. (Barbara motioned, Sara second.)
5.         Strategic Plan Version 2
Long-Range Plan from FY13-14 is no longer an attachment on the current strategic plan. Amy will post both the previous long-range plan and the new strategic plan 2018-2023 on the website.

6. Director's Report
Discussion on rethinking children's fines.
That fines are an economic barrier for many families and waiving fines can give enormous sense of satisfaction to patrons once they return materials.

Currently, a patron's account is frozen when fines reach $10 and is only unfrozen once resources are returned and fines are paid (or waived by library personnel.) The change that is being considered is that fines would still accrue. An account would still be frozen when fines reach $10, but when books are returned, the account would be unfrozen and the fines waived.
If resources are actually lost, something would need to be worked out.
Museum and parks passes could be an exception.
Amy highlighted other libraries' policies relating to waiving or not waiving fines.
Board members were positive about the idea of no longer actually fining patrons. Amy will keep board members posted.

Discussion on library staff members coming up with their individual goals for each year. As part of this discussion, Sara will send Amy the teacher goals for the year.

7.   FOSTL Report
Apple-Fest book sale made $800!
Discussion on what to do with what didn't sell after a book sale.
FOSTL is working to revitalize a brochure to be a membership form and information on what they do.

8. Time Capsule
This was one of the ideas for the 200th celebration.
9. Feed Your Passion
Discussion re 200 year anniversary and how if the library's date (on the front of the building) is 1878, why are we celebrating now? 2019 is the 200th anniversary of the institution. Discussion that it might be neat to have a timeline of different events in the life of the library.
Amy is keeping a list of ideas for the celebration as they come up.
One idea was to hold a general conversation with different age groups for ideas. For instance, ask them, “Here is a list of ideas for celebrating. What do you think would be appropriate?” This could also be an agenda sent to different groups.
Board members were asked to think of different area groups that should be included. Amy will run this by the Board in November.
Discussion on how the Board wants to be part of the 200th celebration.
Amy talked about Oculus Quest: a virtual reality headset. If the library got some, they could be part of the celebration. Brian Benoit at the town office has one. This new technology could mean you have a shared experience.
Amy visited the library in Stamford CT that use this.
This sort of thing relates to our strategic plan of being modern and keeping up with technology. So if the STL buys one, it will be a “big reveal” during the celebration.
Discussion of a Library of Things – tools, musical instruments, cool stuff that would be useful to share.
Other brainstorms? Share with Amy!
Board feels we should push aside Feed Your Passion for 2019 in favor of contributing to the 200th anniversary celebration.
Board members suggested having four celebratory events: one for every season. Trustees can do one of the events. What season do we want? Things that maybe reference the library but don't take place here. Suggestions included living library events, story walks, celebrate 200 years ago in Springfield. What was it like?
Board members should brainstorm ideas for our event and bring them to our next meeting.
These community conversations should start with something like, “The STL is planning a gala year of events to celebrate 200 years since 3 people in Springfield planned a library. How would you like to shine a light on everything that's happened in Springfield in the last 200 years? What events seem the most expressive of this community? How can you imagine involving your friends, family and neighbors to make an event happen? Give info, set the stage, remember there are no wrong answers. Everyone at table needs to be heard and respectful.” Have a note-taker or tape record the session.
Sara would be happy to help create a 200-year timeline of the library. One thought was to make a mobile and hang it!
Also the thought of 200 great memories of Springfield and/or the library.
10. Fewer but longer meetings?
Group would have a hard time making longer meetings and would miss the regular connection with other board members. The suggestion to make an annual calendar was well-received.
11. Next meeting date: Tuesday, November 13, 6:30PM
12. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn passed (Barbara motioned,  Sara second.) 7:44pm.