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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Trustee minutes, September 11, 2018, revised

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, September 11, 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:34PM.
Present: Jen Dechen, Herb Jamison, Richard CoFrancesco, Amy Howlett (director), Barbara Ball (minutes), Margie Reurink
Absent: Sara Druen, Matthew Pincus

2. Additions/ subtractions to the Agenda

3.   Public comments

4.   Review and approve minutes from the August meeting
Motion to pass the August minutes as written passed. (Barbara motioned, Richard second.)
5.         Small Group Conference Room Guidelines
Room is called the 'Family Room' because money came from the Promise Grant.
Discussion on whether the library may charge for-profit entities a fee for use. Amy said that, for example, lawyers have asked the library to use the room and they charge their clients.
Motion to accept the revised Meeting Room Policy as written. (Barbara motioned, Jenn second.)

6.   Strategic Plan Final Form Review:
Motion to accept the Springfield Town Library Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023.  (Richard motioned, Jenn second.) Amy will forward this on to the Select Board.

7. FOSTL Report
FOSTL is making plans for their April meeting and planning the 200th anniversary of the library's opening.
FOSTL is considering becoming a 501C3.

8.   Director’s report
2x2 visits by staff are to look at other Vermont libraries' staff areas and kitchens as a way to get ideas of how the library's current staff space and basement could be renovated to better use the space.
Discussion of plans for the library's 200th anniversary and how the Board may want to fit in to the planning. Should the Board's Feed Your Passion event next year be something different? Should it be a part of the 200th anniversary celebrations?
This can be on the agenda for future meetings.
Board members brainstormed a bit on this. Margie mentioned perhaps including a 200 Memories of the Library that would be a written document. Maybe this could be a contest? Multimedia? A time capsule?It could include going into the schools for competitions.
Could the library be part of the Alumni Parade? (A float?!?)
Could this be part of the Apple Festival?
A suggestion to get in touch with teachers about this. For example, maybe Tammy Stagner or Kevin Coen.
We need to come up with a concept of what we're looking to do.
Jenn and Margie are interested in being on a 200th anniversary planning committee and coming up with ideas for this.

Financial Update FY 2017-2018
Amy said that revenues are about the same.
Trustees asked whether staff work beyond regular schedules. Staff who work less than 40 hours/week can either get paid for working Saturdays or earn compensatory time for those hours. Evening hours are part of staff regular work schedules. There are rare occasions when staff are asked to work additional hours which are typically comp time.
 Discussion that in the 1970's, the library became part of the town instead of its own entity. The Springfield Town Library is therefore a town department and library staff are town employees.
Discussion that a budget is basically a “best guess” but of course with a lot of emphasis on towing the bottom line.
Amy tracks what is spent each month. There is often a push at the end of the fiscal year to spend out the different line items.
Promise Community Grant – receipts must be submitted to get the money.
The financial update for the board will happen annually in September from now on.
Amy showed board members that the Board does have a budget including: temporary pay ($450), copy service ($50), postage ($50) and training ($200.)
Amy asked for feedback on these line items. Board members suggested taking out the postage and copy service line items but leaving the training and temporary pay.

9. Next meeting date: Tuesday, October 9, 6:30PM
11. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn passed (Richard motioned,  Barbara second.) 7:44pm.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Trustee Agenda, September 11, 2018

TUESDAY, September 11, 2018
6:30 pm at the Library


1.     Call to order.

2.     Additions and subtractions to Agenda.

3.     Public comments.

4.     Minutes of August 14th meeting.

5.     Small group conference room guidelines.

6.     Strategic Plan final form review.

7.     FOSTL report.

8.     Director’s report with financial report.

9.     Next meeting date.

10.   Motion to adjourn.

  Herb J,  9/4/2018