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Friday, May 4, 2018

Design Committee minutes of May 3, 2018

Minutes of Special Meeting: Thursday, May 3, 2018
Present: Jen Dechen, Richard Cofrancesco, Ellen Taetzsch, Gladys Collins, Heather Hill, Todd Fitch, Michelle Stinson and Amy Howlett

1.   Amy called the meeting to order at 2 pm.
2.   Members of the committee introduced themselves.
3.   No Additions/subtractions to the Agenda
4.   No Public comments

5.   Michelle reviewed the Promise Community Grant, the audience (children birth to six, and families, all children) and the process that resulted in funding for the Springfield Town Library as well as other community projects. She talked about the premise of trauma informed design, a move away from bright primary colors like red and turquoise towards a nature-inspired palette.

6.   Heather Hill and Todd Fitch of Office Environments, Inc., presented recommendations for carpet, upholstery, shelving end panels, shelving units and paint. The committee  asked questions about function, durability, and safety. Choices made by consensus in the committee:

Carpet: Interface Soapstone/Line with drop in tiles of yellow (Amarillo (Viva Colores), lime green (Verde Primavera (Viva Colores)), and grey (Salvia (Viva Colores).
Upholstery: textured Stinson Fuse in 2 prints, with plain fabrics in the colors moss, nugget, jade, ink and tangelo.
Endcaps for shelving: a neutral grey called Frost
Painting for walls: decided to purchase small cans and paint one foot squares before a decision is made. Benjamin Moore colors chosen: Timothy Straw 2149-40; Castleton Mist HC-1; Hawthorne Yellow HC4; Hushed Hue 1520; Going to the Chapel 1527.
Shelving: white units with black horizontal shelves on the wall units and grey shelves on the mobile units. After lengthy review, Michelle and Amy decided the mobile units needed to be grey given the picture book unit design which exposes more of the base.
7.   No further meetings were scheduled.
8.   The meeting adjourned informally between 3:30 and 4.