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Friday, January 12, 2018

Trustee minutes, December 9, 2018

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:32PM.
Present: Josephine Hingston, Sandra Richardson, Amy Howlett (director),  Herb Jamison, Matthew Pincus, Sara Druen, Richard Cofrancesco, Barbara Ball.

 2.   Additions/ subtractions to the Agenda
Sandy mentioned a complaint/concern she received from a taxpayer regarding the fact that Christmas was on a Monday and the library was closed from Friday through Tuesday. Different Board members felt this amount of time was excessive and difficult for community members wanting to use the library during the holiday week.
Amy explained that days off are negotiated by the union and union negotiations for 2018 just recently took place. Most likely nothing can be done about this issue until the next Union negotiations. Amy will take the board's feedback back to staff.
Herb had a request that the library's Closed sign should be larger and more visible from the road. Amy will look into getting a “Sorry, We're Closed” sign. Also it was mentioned that the book return box and the tree block an easy view of the front door from the street. One suggestion was to get an Open flag?

3.   Public comments N/A

4.   Review and approve minutes from the November meeting
Motion to pass the November minutes as written. (Sara motioned, Sandy seconded.)

5.   FOSTL liaison report:
Amy gave the FOSTL liaison report. (See Director's Report.)
The FOSTL annual meeting will be April 4th at the Congregational Church with Archer Mayor reading.
It was mentioned at the FOSTL meeting that the Friends would like more Trustee involvement. Unsure if this means Board members paying for a $15 membership or actually attending Friends meetings.
FOSTL is investigating doing a Kentucky Derby fundraiser similar to that done by LPCTV in Ludlow. (Discussion that Springfield doing a similar fundraiser shouldn't affect Ludlow's event since these communities don't have much overlap.) Businesses and individuals can “buy” one of 60 horses, then attendees can watch the Derby, spend fake money, drink mint juleps, etc. The estimate is that FOSTL could make $4,000-$5,000 on this fundraiser. Michele Stinson is working with the Friends on this.
The Phoenix book sale went well in December. Maybe 80 people attended and the bookstore made over $400. A percentage of this will go to the Friends.

6.   Director’s report, updates, strategic planning
Michelle Stinson's hours did not  increase to full-time. Amy and Michelle discussed the schedule before the budget was submitted and Michelle elected to stay at 35 hours weekly, using comp time for extra required hours.
Amy clarified that the Family Room in the Promise Community grant will be a private, bookable space. Supervised visitation can happen there. It can also be used for Skyping, proctoring a test, group study, etc. When it's not reserved, it will be open with the blinds up.

7.Trustee Seats Open, Candidate Review and Deadline
 We know of 4 possible candidates for the two open seats: Jen Dechen, TJ Whipple, Marjorie Reurink, and Sherry Hatt. Candidates need to go to the Town Clerk to pick up a petition and collect 30 signatures from registered Springfield voters before January 29th so they can be on the ballot in March. 

8. Strategic planning: Revisit Mission, Vision and Values
We'll table this discussion until next month.

9. Policy review: Internet Filtering and User Age, Collection Development

Discussion regarding the Policy on Public Access to Computers. Comments include: 
- We are not NCIPA compliant and computers are not filtered. The paragraph starting with “In compliance with the Children's… can be deleted.
-  Josey mentioned that she appreciated signage the Killington Library used by their public access computers regarding being nonfiltered.
Amy will check with the Killington Library to find out exactly what the signs say. She can also check with the Hanover Library around this topic.

Registration for Child or Student under 16
Discussion included the following points:
- Patrons sixteen and over register using the adult form. So if you're under 16, you are a child/student. If you are 16 or older, the library expects the patron to be responsible for their own fines. But if someone is between 16 and 18, are they actually responsible for their fines or are their parents responsible? Should parent signatures be required until age 18?
- Amy mentioned that the privacy laws come into play once a child turns 16. If a parent of a child who is under 16 asks library staff what their child has checked out, staff can tell them. Once an individual turns 16, their privacy is protected.
- If children come to the library unaccompanied by adults, the library can check and see if their parents allow the child to use the Internet unaccompanied. Otherwise, the child is unable to use the computer without parental presence.
- Discussion that computer users have to agree to the library policy before using the Internet. The policy doesn't come up on the kids' computers.
- Amy mentioned that she wants computer use rolled into on-line borrower records and to get rid of paper files.
- Amy said the ALA mandates that information should not be kept from anyone regardless of age., We will revisit the internet policy. 
Collection Development: Amy recommends we keep the same policy but add language regarding on-line resources and being a member of Catamount, the Vermont network and US network.

10. Preparation for Director Evaluation
Last year, the procedure was that the evaluation document went out to all trustees and a member collated and presented the results. Josey will follow up on this.
11. Executive session if needed. N/A
12. Next meeting date and adjournment: Tuesday, February 13th, 6:30PM
Motion to adjourn passed (Sara motioned, Matthew second.) 7:55pm.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Trustee agenda, January 9, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
6:30 pm at the Library

1.   Call to order
2.   Additions/ subtractions to the Agenda
3.   Public comments

4.   Review and approve minutes from the November meeting
5.   FOSTL liaison report
6.   Director’s report

7.   Trustee seats open, candidate review and deadlines

8.   Strategic planning: revisit Mission, Vision and Values

9.   Policy review: collection development

10.  Preparation for director evaluation

9.   Executive session if needed
10.  Next meeting date and adjournment