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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
Minutes of Tuesday, October 10, 2017   DRAFT

1.      Josey Hingston called the meeting to order at 6:30.
Present: Josey Hingston, Herb Jamison, Richard Cofrancesco, Sandra Richardson, Sara Druen, Amy Howlett. Absent trustees:  Matthew Pincus, Barbara Ball.  Guests: Char Osterlund.

2.      Additions and subtractions to the Agenda   Char Osterlund asked to present, and the board agreed she should speak immediately. No other changes.
Char informed the Board the Springfield Town Democrats would like to offer Button Up, energy efficiency home improvements, as community outreach. Amy explained that the group would fill out the standard meeting application. Char expects Button Up would advertise their availability at the Library during certain hours, perhaps one day a week over several weeks. They might put a display up in the Library. The board agreed the Democrats could host Button Up in the Library.

3.      No public comments.

4.      Review and approve minutes from August and September
Corrections to the August minutes: add Herb Jamison to the list of trustees present. Sandra moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Sara seconded the motion and the board voted to pass it.

Corrections to the September minutes: Richard Cofrancesco said he was absent in September. Josey pointed out the spelling of “dire straits.” Herb moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Richard seconded the motion, and the board voted to pass it.

5.      FOSTL Liaison     Amy reported the FOSTL Book Sale at Apple Festival made $978.35. She has approached the Friends about funding an AED (defibrillator) for the Library.

6.      Director’s Report    Amy gave the Director’s Report and urged trustees to sign up for the fall Trustee and Friends Conference, November 4 in Burlington. She will check in with Herb, Sandra and Sara as well as the absent trustees.

7.      Strategic Planning    Amy updated the Board on the meetings held so far for strategic planning, and handed out a compilation of vision elements for the town and recommendations to the library.

8.      Policy Review    The board began to discuss the Collection Development Policy. Richard talked about how Collection now encompasses more than the items in the Library— downloadable e-books and e-audio, interlibrary loan from other libraries, databases, and the Internet. Herb said it was important to talk about these issues. Amy will provide a shorter section of policy for board review in November. 

Amy asked for input on the Laptop Computer Loan Policy, last reviewed in 2010. The board said to keep cautions about lost data and privacy of financial data and personal information. After lengthy debate, they came to the consensus that children 8 and up could borrow the laptops, matching the Library policy for unattended children. With new touch screen monitors in the Children’s Room, trustees felt laptops would not be as popular with 8 – 12 year olds. Borrowers should tell Library staff immediately if they had problems. If staff were not busy, they could show people how to carry the laptop and how to plug it into an outlet. Josey moved to accept the proposed changes in the draft, subject to review at the next board meeting. Sandra seconded the motion. The motion passed.

9.      No executive session needed.

10.  Sandra moved to adjourn the meeting. Sara seconded the motion, and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Amy Howlett