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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Minutes, Board of Trustees, August 8, 2017

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:27PM.
Present: Josephine Hingston, Sandra Richardson, Herb Jamison, Amy Howlett (director), Sarah Druen, Barbara Ball.
Absent:  Matthew Pincus, Richard Cofrancesco

2.   Additions/ subtractions to the Agenda    N/A

3.   Public comments   None.

4.   Review and approve minutes from the June meeting.
The minutes from our June meeting were approved as written. (Sandy moved, Barbara second.)

5.   FOSTL liaison report
Amy reported that FOSTL had a successful book sale. They cleared $6,391 July 14-15. The remaining books will be offered at the Apple Festival book sale on Saturday, October 7. Josie thanked all book sorting volunteers.

6.   Director’s report
Herb requested that interlibrary loan staff supply progress reports after a request is made. Amy reminded trustees to bring comments about staff to her directly. Amy mentioned the LibTrust listserv for Vermont board members; she can resend directions on joining.

Strategic Planning
The library will go through the strategic planning process this fall. Barbara Ball agreed to serve on the steering committee, the small group to help process the information. The steering committee will probably meet twice.
Motion passed to appoint Barbara to sit on the strategic planning steering committee. (Sandy motioned, Sarah second.)
Amy asked for board member input in thinking about who in Springfield has “an intimate knowledge of how power flows through Springfield.” Also, looking for someone with marketing knowledge.
The strategic planning process should have participants of all ages. Board members had suggestions; more can be emailed to Amy,

7. Policy and Policy Issues
The Guidelines for Library Behavior policy was reviewed as well as sample guidelines from other libraries. Amy had drafted a revision of this policy. Additions to this revision include:
-          Beginning with “Welcome!”
-          “to ensure the safety, comfort and enjoyment…”
-          Carrying weapons of any type on library property is not permissible except by law enforcement officers.” (Amy will re-write this statement to keep the style similar to the rest of the document.)
-          Check out all library materials before taking them out of the building…
Amy will make these revisions and bring the document back to the next meeting. She will ask the town whether the town attorney needs to review revised policies.
The Guidelines are posted in the Library and on the website. People evicted for cause review the Guidelines with the director when their no trespass order elapses and they are ready to return to the Library.

Lost Materials Retrieval Methods
This will be discussed at September meeting when Tammy is present.

Collection Development Policy
This discussion will take place at September meeting. Discussion from June’s meeting on this topic included:
- Membership in Catamount Library System should possibly be added.
- Also, we may want to add something re e-books and self-publishing?

Springfield Town Library Policy on Children
Group reviewed an addition to this policy emphasizing that children are the primary audience for the Children’s Room. Adults without children accompanying them may be asked to move to another area. The computers in the children’s room will be for children’s use only. Motion to include this addition in the new policy passed. (Josey motioned, Sandy second.) Suggestion to change “in loco parentis' to “in the place of” on this policy for easier comprehension.

Exhibits of Items or services…
Discussion of the composting workshop and under what circumstances items may be sold. The group felt that this paragraph was fine and added educators to writers, artists and craftspeople.  
Motion to add “educators” to the policy passed. (Josey motioned, Sarah second.)

8. Executive Session N/A

9. Next meeting date and adjournment: Tuesday, September 12, 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn passed (Barbara motioned, Sarah second.) Meeting adjourned at 7:59pm.