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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Laptop Computer Loan Policy   DRAFT

Anyone 8 or older with a Springfield Town Library card may borrow a laptop computer to use in the Library.

Please tell library staff immediately if you have any problems with the laptop, including how to use it. Staff will help. The Library is not responsible for lost data or for personal, financial or credit card information while borrowers use the laptop.

Laptop computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for one hour. If no one is waiting, borrowers may continue using the laptop for an additional hour.

Please stay with the laptop. We will hold laptops at the desk if you need to stop working briefly.

Library laptops are loaded with Linux software for internet browsing. Make sure you save anything you need to an online location or a flash drive before logging out. Logging out erases any unsaved data and passwords. The Library has flash drives for sale at the desk.

If you are watching video or listening to music with the laptop, please use headphones. You may borrow Library headphones, bring your own, or purchase inexpensive earbuds at the desk.

Wi-Fi reception varies through the Library. Check with staff if you have problems picking up the signal or entering the password.  You can print via Wi-Fi for a nominal fee.

9/13/2010, put up for revision 10/10/2017