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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Director’s Report to Board of Trustees        Wednesday, October 10, 2017

Trustee and Friends Conference, November 4, register by 10/27
·         Happy to fill a car—with 3, 10% discount
·         Good place to get ideas, see another library
·         Sally Reed, keynote speaker, is extraordinary

Updates on the Library
·         Elevator work postponed to October 30; programs in process for this month
·         Collecting bids for Promise Community grant; no official word
·         Tiles arrived, ceiling of children’s room
·         VOSHA visit along with town departments; items corrected
·         Recommendations on builders?
·         Town budget process beginning; annual report due early November

Programs and Displays
·         Snapshot, Saturday, 10/1: Hubbard Family Reunion in the Flinn Room (20); Tom Joyce, Magician in the Children’s Room (57); scanning, books upstairs, printing, renewals, etc.
·         Banned Books Week, staff and members reading aloud on Main Street; Indigenous Peoples, Governor Scott’s salute to native Vermont populations
·         Goldie May’s doortoppers in the display case
·         Upcoming:  March event around artist Bob MacRae’s tribute to Alice in Wonderland
·         Temporary exhibit area over the Historical Collection; other suggestions?

FOSTL Update
·         Next meeting Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 6:30 pm
·         Book sale during Apple Festival, $978.35 from 9 to noon
·         Discussion: December Open House with small concert, spring fund raiser
·         May purchase or co-purchase AED (defibrillator) for the Library; staff certified; conversations with Paul Stagner (Fire Dept) and Larry Kraft (Hospital)

Strategic Plan update
·         First community conversation held with 24; summary attached; insights
·         Library Staff Retreat with Lawrence Webster, 1-4 pm 10/11/17
·         Interviews with a few people
·         October 25, community conversation reconvenes, more focus on the Library
·         Tentative plan for open meeting following 10/25
·         Pat Graves, Barbara Ball and Deanna Dexter on the steering committee

Staff and Program Updates
·         Union negotiations (AFSCME)
·         Staff professional development, New England Library Association (5)
·         Page turnover and recruitment
·         Technology: one laptop loaded with Ubuntu, policy and procedures review
·         No collection letters out since 9/12; Tammy and I revising the letter

Ponnie Derby:
We ended September with two well-attended programs: Great American Eclipse with Rick Hunter and Laurie Coonradt's presentation on Monarch Butterflies. Banned Books Week was celebrated with indoor displays and "reading" with volunteers and staff reading banned books in front of the library. Now I'm looking forward to planning interesting events for October and beyond. 

Michelle Stinson:
We have launched the Dorothy's List Club for Youth ages 11 to 13!  We will be reading, discussing and exploring the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award list.  Six youth met with Michelle on October 3rd to sign out our first book and to pick the books we will be reading in the future.  Multiple copies of the books will be borrowed from the State Department of Libraries.  We will meet each month to discuss the book, do an activity based on the book and pick up the next book.  We will discuss the possibility of attending the author ceremony in the spring.
We are holding two Story Times in October.  I won 10 copies of Todd Parr's newest book "Love the World" so we held a Todd Parr Story Time and each family received a new hard cover copy of the book.  The next Story Time will also include a book that I won!  We do not have multiple copies but the author included great activities to match the book, "Rodzilla".
I will be attending a VELI-STEM workshop to cover year three of the grant.  This training will bring me back to the library with additional STEM activities to present to our patrons.
Outreach to Pine Street Preschool (Head Start) includes a parent training on October 18th.  We will be talking about doing STEM activities at home.

Looking forward to attending NELA at the end of the month!