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Friday, June 9, 2017

Director’s Report to FOSTL Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Updates on Library Staff
·         Good applicants for Adult Services Coordinator; decision by fall
·         Vermont Library Conference, May 18, Killington— visits to 3 libraries
·         Playaway tablet technology as empowering device; and raffle won!
·         Board development: Diversity Summit, NELA, Wednesday, July 26, Hadley MA
· to register; attend with Amy?
·         “Libraries are for everyone; serving the needs of our most vulnerable community members” Loida Garcia-Febo, President-elect American Library Association
·         “Creating a culture of change: LACL builds equity from the ground up”
·         NELA Annual Conference, October 22 – 24, Burlington VT,  RECHARGE 2017

·         Promise Community Grant for services to birth to 6 and parents is due; Library key site for partnering with other local services like Edgar May, SAPCC
·         “Trauma informed design” and furniture and private meeting space, possible
·         Staff rolling out nametag initiative
·         Capital Budget plans: slate roof, children’s ceiling

·         May11: VT PBS The Opiate Effect with panel discussion to follow
·         May 17: 3rd annual Feed Your Passion, 5 – 7pm, presenters everywhere
·         May 31: BGD movie connection, 13th with VINE; good turnout. More films?
·         Brown Girl Dreaming comes to an end; Great Hall party June 5
·         Backyard Composting, Thursday, June 8,  5:30 pm. 49 attended
·         Rain Gardens with Jan Lambert, in planning. Other topics?
·         Providing Health Care for All. Ted Cody, film & discussion. Thursday, June 15, 5 pm
·         Summer passport to Vermont Libraries, self-directed visits around the state
·         Adult SRP, July 5 – August 19. Weekly raffle (VAULT and CoOp), end of summer raffle (movie date); speakers Rebecca Polk, a Peace Corps volunteer, travel for a purpose, community heroes
·         Children’s SRP, same dates, Common, Police & Fire & school bus; lunch site to 8/25
·         Paul Ippolito and other performers, Summer Encore Theater
·         Building a Better World/ Community; architecture, spirit, community strengths

Trustee Update
·         Waiting for select board re: Barbara Ball appointment

·         Meeting June 7; next meeting July 5
·         Focus now completely on book sale July 14 – 15
·         Apron purchase, nodding to trustee tshirts

·         Sorting schedule: Mondays, 9 – 12 noon, Wednesdays, 4 - 7