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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Director’s Report to the Trustees   April 11, 2017

FOSTL (Friends of TSL) Annual Meeting 4/5 with Tina and Willis Wood, very crowded success
New microfilm machine and computer with wireless printing, large monitor
Positive feedback; plan to feature with genealogy program

Tax season with AARP ended today
Number of returns jumped from 197 last year to 281; good feelings all around
Trend is away from paper forms from Vermont and IRS to online filing
Impact on Mondays and Thursdays

Building and capital construction with June 30 in sight
Boiler/AC issues with new equipment; HB final steps
Elevator contract issues playing out
Estimates from qualified contractors for children’s library ceiling; masonry above door; slate roof work; mounting for flat screen TV; still waiting on lighting estimates
Process with capital budget; update on regular town budget

National Library Week events scheduled, April 9 - 15
WCAX “Across the Fence” 4/10 or Facebook or
Old Tech exhibit up 4/11
Sticky note bulletin board in lobby
Claudine Langille, Gypsy Reel, 4/12 at 6:30pm, Celtic Music and Tales
Grafton Nature Museum, Discovery Time, 4/12 4pm
Snapshot Day, Wednesday 4/12—two staffers documenting what happens here

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson, progress
Great feedback on the book
Programs building slowly—poetry with Dan Heller
Distribution at the CoOp a good move

Review of Guidelines for Library Behavior, 2013
Review of No Trespass orders
Keeping the Library a safe and comfortable place for everyone
Patron complaint about fines and recovery procedure
Review of what happens when complaints are made

Staff issues
Interviews for new substitute/desk/shelver position 10 hours/week
New volunteer working 6 hours/week
Attendance at Vermont Library Conference May 18, Library closed
(Library cleaning probably May 18)
Anticipating more circulation this summer, juggling schedules
Build a Better World, summer reading program for children

Adult programming undetermined