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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Collection Development Policy, 2014

- 9 -



The Springfield Town Library Board of Trustees declares as a matter of policy that the materials comprising the Library collections are its primary resource in providing library and information services to meet the needs of the community. 

The Board of Trustees strongly supports the principles of intellectual freedom and the right to read.   It accepts and adheres to the "Library Bill of Rights" and the Freedom to Read and Freedom to View Statements, adopted by the American Library Association, which are made a part of this document (see Appendix F).


As the largest public library in the immediate area, Springfield Town Library recognizes its obligation to provide as broad and diverse a collection as possible, including current, classic and noteworthy materials in a variety of print and non-print formats and various reading levels to meet the needs of the entire community.  In as far as practicable, the Library will attempt to provide a balanced collection presenting a broad spectrum of opinions and viewpoints.

Particular attention will be given to providing accurate, up-to-date information resources and popular materials for all ages in appropriate print and non-print formats.  Sufficient copies of  titles in high demand will be provided.

Overall, the collection will be aimed at a general, lay audience and will not normally include textbooks or highly technical, academic or specialized materials.  While the Library does not attempt to develop a comprehensive research collection, every effort will be made to develop as complete a collection as possible of materials pertaining to the Springfield area, books written by local authors, vital records, genealogies of local families and Vermontiana.

The Library is an active participant in the Vermont Inter-Library Loan network and utilizes the resources available in other libraries to supply materials beyond the scope of its own collection.  The Library also makes its resources available to other libraries through the Inter-Library Loan network.  Borrowing libraries are responsible for the safe return of all materials loaned to them.


Materials selection is and shall be vested in the Library Director by reason of professional education, training and expertise, judgement, and knowledge of the community.  The Library Director may assign other staff to select materials in their area of expertise, although final responsibility for materials selection remains with the Library Director.


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Library materials shall be selected to further the Library's overall purpose as stated in Article I of this Policy Manual and to fulfill the goals and objectives of its Plan of Service. 

Materials will be selected and retained in the collection based on the following criteria:

Literary, recreation, information or education value
Authority, accuracy and effectiveness of presentation
Anticipated demand
Significance and timeliness of subject matter
Significance, reputation and popularity of author/producer/publisher
Diversity of viewpoint
Local author, setting or significance

Each work should be appraised as a creative whole, with consideration given to the overall purpose of the entire work.

It is the responsibility of parents, or legal guardians, to determine what Library materials their children, and only their own children, may read or otherwise use.  The selection of materials will not be restricted by the possibility that some young people might obtain materials that their parents may consider inappropriate for their own children.  Likewise, no materials will be excluded on the basis of race, religion, gender or nationality or because of the political, social or personal views of the author or producer.

The Library subscribes to current selection tools to assist in the selection process.  Materials are selected using various sources, including professional review journals, standard library catalogs, publishers' catalogs and Vermont Dept. of Libraries material review sessions.  Older materials and those not reviewed in the professional journals may be selected from other sources to fill specific needs in the collection.  Patron requests for specific titles and/or subject areas will be given thorough consideration and will be met either through purchase, lease or Inter-Library Loan as best meets the collection development needs of the Library.


The Library is pleased to accept donations of books and other materials, as well as memorial gifts, when offered on an unrestricted basis.  Gifts offered with restrictions are subject to the approval of the Library Director and Board of Trustees.  All gifts are accepted with the understanding that only those materials which meet the selection criteria and the needs of the collection will be retained.  Those not added to the collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library Director. 


- 11 -


Recognizing that a small public library best serves the community by providing a collection of materials which is actively used, the Board of Trustees supports the concept of regular weeding of all library materials.

Items which are unused because of inaccuracy, lack of interest or physical deterioration will be removed from the collection under the supervision of the Library Director who may assign other staff to select materials to be withdrawn from their area of expertise.  The same criteria used in selecting materials will be used in removing or replacing materials from the collection.   Items withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library Director.


 The Library does not promote any particular beliefs or viewpoints, and the presence of an item in the collection is not an endorsement of its contents.  Rather, the Library presents high-quality, authoritative materials representing a diversity of opinions and points of views in a balanced collection for examination by the public.

The Library is not responsible for enforcing parental choice in using Library materials.  It is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians to determine and enforce which Library materials their children, and only their own children, may read or otherwise use.

Despite the care taken to select materials appropriate for use by the community, the Library is aware that one or more persons may object to the selection of a specific item or materials on a given subject.  All objections and complaints will be treated with courtesy, respect and promptness.

 In the event a patron wishes to protest the inclusion of a particular item in the collection, (s)he may submit a written "Request for Reconsideration of a Work" to the Library Director on the form attached as Appendix G.  The Library Director will review the complaint, inspect the material, check reviews and determine if it conforms to the Collection Development Policy of the Library.  The Director will respond in writing to the request, explaining why the item was purchased and the options available to the patron.  Material subject to complaint will remain in use pending final action.  An additional copy may be purchased and placed on the open Reference shelf for in-Library use only to accommodate public review.  The patron requesting reconsideration of the material may request a review by the Board of Trustees. 

Materials found to meet the established selection criteria, serving the purposes of the Library and fulfilling an existing need or interest will not be removed from the collection because of pressure by an individual or group expressing disapproval.  As a final appeal, a patron may request the Board of Trustees to reconsider and revise this Collection Development Policy.