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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WORKFORM B Select Planning Committee Members


1.   Columns A and B. You can either indicate the “Organization/Group/Skill” that you think should be represented on the committee in column A or you can suggest the names of specific people who should be considered for inclusion on the committee in column B or you can complete both columns A and B, listing a group or skill in column A and a person who represents that group or has that skill in column B.
2.   Column C. Indicate the reasons for your recommendations in this column.
3.   Factors to consider:
·        It is important to involve stakeholders in the process. Stakeholders can be defined as people or groups who can affect or will be affected by an action. There are two kinds of stakeholders for you to consider:
Library stakeholders: The committee will include     one library staff member and one library board member.

Community stakeholders: Start by identifying community decision makers. Who in your community can influence elected officials? Who are the leaders of the various groups and organizations that combine to make up the fabric of your community?
·        You may also want to identify people with special skills. The skills that you want to have available on your committee will vary depending on local circumstances.
·        The third thing to remember is that you want the committee to look like your community. Therefore, you are looking for representatives of the various demographic and socioeconomic groups in your community. You will also want people who live in all parts of your service area represented.

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