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Friday, May 13, 2016

Springfield Town Library
Board of Trustees
Springfield, Vermont
Meeting minutes, May 10, 2016

In attendance: Amy Howlett (Director), Pat Magrosky, President; Matthew Pincus, Josey Hingston, Richard Cofrancesco, Oliver Owen (Minutes). Public: Wes Marshall (SAPA TV camera), Jack Vaughn, Angelina Woychosky, Dale Dechen.

Call to Order: Pat Magrosky called the meeting to order at 6:39 PM.

Addition to agenda, old business – Pat added discussion on changing the regular meeting date.

Public Comments:  Pat welcomed the public and asked board members to introduce themselves. She told the public the comment period would be limited to 10 minutes. Jack Vaughn spoke, visibly upset, speaking loudly and pacing.  Jack expressed his frustration at the time limit, the late start to the meeting, and being interrupted by the Director while reading to a child and her mother. Angelina Woychosky and Dale Dechen expressed support of Jack Vaughn. 

Minutes of April 25, 2016: Josey Hingston moved to accept the April 25 minutes with corrections. The corrections included changing the second sentence of Public Comments to “Josey passed along a comment she received from a patron”; omitting the phrase “as a block spot” in paragraph 6; and adding a period in the fourth paragraph after “input about the cafĂ©.” Matthew Pincus seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Old Business: Pat said Tuesdays generally work for absent board members Kerstin Burlingame, Sandy Richardson and Judith Edwards. Josey moved to change the regularly scheduled meetings from the second Monday of every month to the second Tuesday of every month.  The board discussed omitting the August meeting and decided to review with more members present. The motion passed.

“Feed Your Passion” Event: The board discussed presenters and vendors, including: Jase – Bees - Passion for Spanish - Elliot Thompson. Walter Krapinski cannot attend. Springfield Food Co-op – 371 - 56 Main - Jerry’s Place - Perkins Deli -  Aroma -  Hartness House? - 5 confirmed. Presenters: Dark Mountain Games, Steam Punks - Trout River Brewery – FOSTL - Stellaphane – Rick Hunter – Diane, Calvin Coolidge - BRAT? - Chuck Gregory - John Sinclair, choosing a dentist - cake decorating. Josey will create text for a press release by Sunday, May 15. Matt will create a poster and SAPA TV spot, perhaps using Creative Commons images. Josey will have posters printed. Pat will call schools for getting announcements into the daily bulletins, help with printing and distributing posters and ask the Police Department about putting text into their electronic road sign. Amy offered to pull out materials from the collection that reference the passions.

FOSTL Liaison Report, Josey:  The board discussed the upcoming book sale scheduled for July 15-16.  FOSTL anticipates 20,000 books; they welcome plastic bags for buyers.  Weekly sorting will start May 23, 1 – 4 pm, and continue each Monday and Thursday. Amy circulated a short flyer encouraging specific donations and publicizing the date. June 1 is the next FOSTL meeting; Pat will check to see if one of the absent trustees can attend.

Director’s Report; Molly McAllister is starting as a new page when Ethan van Gulden leaves. The board discussed the letter to Jack Vaughan.  Amy is revising the procedure for booking meeting rooms. She pointed out the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement, both referenced in Library policies. Amy feels the public would like a private space in the library.

Executive Session: Matt and Josey asked to hold Executive Session to consider a clear and imminent peril to public safety. Matt made the motion, seconded by Josey, and the board voted to enter Executive Session. As Amy escorted Oliver Owen and Wes Marshall out of the meeting, Jack Vaughan appeared at the head of the stairs. He said he had been in the children’s room. Wes and Jack stayed in the vestibule of the Library during the Executive Session, after which Jack left the library.

The board re-convened following Executive Session. Amy volunteered to talk to Steven Ankuda about actions to keep the library a safe and comfortable space for the public.

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 14th at 6:30 PM on the second floor of the Springfield Town Library.

Motion to Adjourn: Josey moved to adjourn the meeting. Richard seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Oliver Owen