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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Minutes -- March 14, 2016 Library Board of Trustees Meeting - DRAFT

Springfield Town Library Board of Trustees
Springfield, Vermont
Meeting Minutes: Monday, March 14, 2016
In Attendance: Pat Magrosky (Chair), Sandra Richardson, Josephine Hingston (recording), Richard Cofranceso, Judy Edwards (Guest), Kerstin Burlingame, Russ Moore (Director)
Meeting called to order at 6:37 by Pat.
1.      Organizational Meeting:
Nominations for Chair: Kerstin nominated Pat, seconded by Sandra. Vote passed with one abstention.
Nominations for Vice-Chair: Josey nominated Kerstin, seconded by Sandra. Vote passed with one abstention.
FOSTL Liaison: This has been and will continue to be a shared duty, first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 – report to the Friends the activities of the Trustees, and vice versa. Annual Meeting of the Friends: April 6th.
Meeting times and commitments: Trustees meet every second Monday at 6:30. The Springfield Select Board meets the second and fourth Monday of each month. Trustees discussed the difficulty this can present, especially for the Library Director when attendance of Select Board meetings is desirable and/or required for directorship duties. Trustees discussed the potential workability of an alternate meeting time – first Monday? Third Monday? Try Tuesdays? It was decided to keep to current schedule until Amy Howlett takes office (April 4th) so that her input may be given. Our next meeting will take place on Monday, April 11th, at 6:30.
Board Procedures: Sandra moved that the board use informal Robert’s Rules of Order, seconded by Kerstin. Motion passed with one abstention.
Board Evaluation: Using Trustee Evaluation materials from a variety of sources, the Board discussed the various aspects of trusteeship and how meetings are conducted. Trustees agreed that the meetings are held to plan and run well, and that people are comfortable discussing issues, sharing opinions and ideas. Board members agreed that they do their best to prepare for meetings, although no one claimed to be perfect in this regard! Some areas that the Board agreed could use work include leaving meetings with a feeling of accomplishment, Board attendance, and meeting preparation.
Policy Review: Board members reviewed the Springfield Town Library Policy Manual. Revisions have been ongoing and constant; Russ does not feel as though there are any policies that require review or revision at this time. A revision of the General Operation: Confidentiality of Library Records was discussed as an important example of a more recent iteration of library policy.
Discussion of the more recent changes to town ordinance and subsequent impacts to the Library took place, revolving around the smoking ban and walkthroughs by the Springfield Police Department. Both of these changes have resulted in an improvement in Library operations and a reduction in nuisance loitering, illegal activity, and blocking of access to the Library. Shutting down the Library wifi after hours has also been effective, as has moving the outdoor power outlet to a less accessible point and installing a breaker to turn it off after hours.
2.      Additions to the Agenda:  No additions were made.
3.      Public Comments: No public comments were made.
4.      Minutes: Minutes will be tabled until the next meeting so that changes may be discussed directly with the recorder.
5.     Old Business: Boiler replacement…estimate for boiler replacement is approximately $80,000. The new Library Director has been hired: Amy Howlett – a 38 year veteran of the Vermont Department of Libraries as a Regional Librarian, and Regional Library Consultant. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and energy are positively powerful forces for the continued strengthening of the Springfield Town Library. The laptops donated to the library have older operating systems and varied capacities.It is unknown what the potential would be for the older system, but replacing Windows 95 with Linux based OS is under investigation, as is upgrading physical memory.
6.      FOSTL Liaison: Matthew was last month’s FOSTL liaison, but in his absence, Russ will share some of the meeting.
7.      Director’s Report: The final report from Russ was discussed and is attached.
The temporary Library Assistant for Children’s Services position (10 hrs/week) has been focused primarily on programming – the full-time Children’s Librarian position will hopefully be posted by early next month with an eye toward filling the position by end of July 2016. Upcoming events include the FOSTL Annual Meeting (April 6th, 6:30pm, held in the Flinn Room of the Springfield Town Library) with Carol Vasta Folley speaking of her creative journey as playwright; and Children’s Programming, including “Music and Tales of the Otherworld: Folklore, Fairies, and Music in Ireland” (March 17th, 6:30pm) featuring traditional Irish music and instruments.
Russ also shared further insight into his tenure overseeing the introduction of computer technology to the art and science of libraries. Changes have been lasting and have had great impact on availability of resources and the ability of patrons to suggest and reserve specific materials as well as the sharing of materials between libraries.
Building maintenance was mentioned as an ongoing issue – focus has been strongly directed toward improvement of building heating and cooling systems, including the proposed boiler replacement, and also planned improvements to insulation to prevent ice dams on the slate roof. Thanks were given for the mild winter!
A need for increased storage space, and for a dedicated meeting space, were also mentioned.
8.      New Business: Geek the Library Event: May 25th (a Wednesday) or June 1st (the following Wednesday) were suggested as dates. School gets out on June 6th (we think!). Working with the target date of June 1st.
Board homework: approach a restaurant, caterer, or other vendor/producer; presenters/artists/enthusiasts; continue to brainstorm and recruit for this date!
Ideas for publication: facebook, SAPA, Front Porch Forum, blogspot, etc…plus the newspapers! Police sign, banner outside library…
Liquor license – or bartender – or caterer – discuss with Bellows Falls library! Trivia fundraiser this week…
Josey will approach Gabe/Kellen for the brewery
April 11th – next meeting!
March 31st – party for Russ!!

Motion to adjourn made by Josey at 8:19, seconded by Kerstin. Meeting adjourned.