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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Minutes -- February 22, 2016 Library Board of Trustees Meeting - DRAFT

Springfield Town Library
Board of Trustees
Springfield, Vermont
 February 22, 2016 Minutes (Unapproved)

In Attendance: Pat Magrosky, (Chair), Sandra Richardson, Matthew Pincus, Steve Matush;  Russ Moore (Director), Oliver Owen (Minutes)

Meeting called to order at 6:31 by Pat

Public Comments. Pat brought up a request she received from a library patron for the library to improve the selection of non-fiction audio books. Russ noted that suggestions for specific book titles to purchase can be submitted on the library website or to the ‘suggestion can’ upstairs.

Minutes. Motion to accept the January 12 minutes was made by Sandra, seconded by Steve.  Board accepted the January 12 minutes.

Old Business. New Library Director.  Pat informed the trustees that following a thorough interview process, Tom Yennerell (Town Manager) has offered the Library Director position to a qualified candidate, and that candidate has accepted.  Mr. Yennerell will make an official announcement on the subject, here, this coming Friday.

Sleepers & Loiters. Sandy opened a conversation regarding incidents of people found asleep in the library, as well as ‘rough-looking’ loiters out in front of the library making library patrons and staff uncomfortable. Russ added that the downtown smoking ban may have helped to lower the loitering problem and the Wifi is now turned off after hours and so things have gotten better.  Pat continued by saying that a Downtown Police presence is greatly appreciated.  As for people sleeping in the library, Russ pointed out that the Library Assoc. strongly feels that people should have a place to gather for access to knowledge etc.  The library does have behavior guidelines which dictate that no more than 3 people can gather in the library at any given time, but this is not enforced and the board discussed briefly whether those behavior guidelines maybe ought to be clarified. There was a question from the board as to how staff are instructed to enforce the guidelines.  Russ responded: 1) Remind patron of the rule.  2) Apply a “warning” saying that the next time, their privilege would be revoked.  Some staff are willing to enforce guidelines, some staff are afraid of “suspicious” looking people.  However Russ has had conversations with many people on this topic and feels that as long as other patrons are not being disturbed, that staff would continue to make some compassionate allowances.  Russ added that there are things the staff do that make sleepers less comfortable.  Pat offered a solution to possibly work with FOSTL funds to offer cab ride to Family Center for food, a nap, and other social services, funded by FOSTL?  Russ added that sometime ‘no trespass’ notices have been effective. 

FOSTL. Report from Pat. Money has been spent on the Russell Porter watercolor paintings, which are back on the wall; drapes have been cleaned, and chairs may be re-upholstered.  For holiday open house, there was resolve to sell tickets earlier, membership drive in February (now).  Pending elections, Warren Cross and Pat Graves are planning to be co-chairs.  Hugh Putnam - Treasurer, Bunni Putnam - Membership. 
The Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 6 at 6:30 in the Flinn Room.  Carole Vasta Folley, 2015 VT playwrights’ award winner is scheduled to be the guest speaker.  Meeting will also include reports, a budget, the election, and refreshments afterward.  This year’s book sale is scheduled for July 15th and 16th.  Next FOSTL meeting is March 2 @ 6:30 and the board needs one need person to attend - Matthew Pincus volunteered. Russ brought up a concern about Flinn room draperies, installed 1989 and have never been cleaned.  Carpet in Flinn room needs to be replaced.  May want to include into building maintenance budget depending on what happens.  May need to be accounted for in next year’s budget.  Russ recommends carpet tiles for the project because they can be easily replaced.

Director’s Report.  95 people here for Dinoman last Saturday.  The Robert Carsten program on Impressionism and Expressionism was also well attended.  Next adult program is Thurs., Mar 17 St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Folklore.

A person has applied to be a page and Russ hopes it works out.  Got recommendations from the high school librarian.  Kids doing community service at the library organizing books, making extra space in the basement. 

Russ received a call concerning black smoke coming out of the chimney.  HB came and cleaned the furnace, got it running well again.  Russ wonders if the library shouldn’t have to pay to have it cleaned again since it was just done in November and it’s been such a mild winter.

The lighting project has been put on hold because insulation and heating system has been made the priority. The town has budgeted $80,000 to replace 2 boilers with 1 more efficient boiler this summer, eliminating the steam component.  Josie asked about opportunities for grants and Russ added that there would be some Efficiency VT rebates possible for that as for after the lighting improvements are made. 

Elevator has to be re-inspected to receive an up-to-date certificate of operation.  Last time, we needed to replace the backup battery for the emergency light and a new emergency phone. 

Delivery service started Jan 25 and has postage dropped from $200/week to $50/week.  Disadvantages of the new service are 1) a weight limit and 2) slower turn-around times. We are still spending some money on postage. 

New Business. Steve and Kevin’s terms are up.  Geek Stuff – Pat said that Diane Kemble said that she could possibly “geek” on Calvin Coolidge.  Ideas? Should we set a date for May? Book the Stringfield Springers?  Let’s find people!  Perkins? Pie Co.?  Brewery?  Erin Hunt of  Fernleigh Farm? Zinny? Park Mountain Games?  Board, please brainstorm and come with ideas for next meeting. 

Next Meeting. March 14
Adjourned by Steve at 7:58 pm
Respectfully Submitted,

Oliver Owen