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Friday, November 6, 2015

Minutes -- September 14, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
September 14, 2015
Present: Russ Moore Director, Patricia Magrosky Chair, Kevin Coen, Sandra Richardson, Steve Matush, Josie Hingston, Matthew Pincus.

Pat called the meeting to order at 6:32pm
Additions to the Agenda
New business: Display case from the Airport commission.  

 Public Comments: Steve shared that a patron had expressed interest in the Library possibly purchasing a 3D printer.  Russ has information that he will email to the Board members on 3D printers.  Pat shared that there had been many comments and concerns about Miss. Cheryl leaving. 

Minutes from July 13, 2015 and June 8 2015 Kevin moved to accept minutes from June 8, 2015 with minor changes. Steve seconded. Minutes were accepted as amended. Sandra moved to accept minutes for July 13, 2015 as presented, Josie seconded.  Minutes for July 13, 2015 were accepted.

Old Business: The Board went into Executive Session to discuss the personal situation.  The board will compose a draft letter to present to the town manager by Friday September 18, 2015

FOSTL Liaison: Russ shared net profit just over $7,000.00 from the book sale.  As every year the issue arrives what to do with the left over books. 9-10 watermelon boxes have been donated to the recycle center.  Russ has been in contact with Better World Books.  They will take what we have and turn around.  Concern about the looks of the Flinn Room looking kind of “shabby.” The “Friends” are looking at the curtains and possibly new seating.  The board agrees that the Library could use some sprucing up.  Sandra will attend the next meeting October 7, 2015 at 6:30pm

Directors Report:  We loaned more items to other libraries than any other library in the state. Resource sharing grant based on those figures has been received.  This will offset the postage for the inter library loans.  First round of digitized SHS year books are here.  Over Labor Day there was a wedding party that had their wedding photos taken in the Library.  Russ is waiting for the photo’s to be shared.  Still having the bats re-entering the building.  The custodian has taken an interest in the bats and has worked with a professor from Dartmouth who has taken some bats for study.  A proposal for security cameras and lighting out back came in at $10,000.  This just seems to be high. 

New Business
Peter from the airport commissions has inquired to have a display case for Airport memorabilia.   The board agrees that a temporary display would be more appropriate at the Library.

Preliminary FY2017 Budget Discussion: Russ will put into the budget a request for energy conservation measures.  Russ would like to add $500 to include museum and park passes to the membership budget.  The town manager is asking Department Heads for capital improvement plans.

Next meeting Oct 12
Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm