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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Minutes -- July 13, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
July 13, 2015

Meeting Called to Order at 6:32pm.
In attendance: Pat Magrosky, Steve Matush, Kerstin Burlingame, Kevin Coen, Russ Moore, JosieHingston (arrived late), and Tom Yennerell (Town Manager).
There were no additions to the agenda.
Public Comments: Russ commented that he was still hearing reports of loitering and smoking in front of the library despite the new ordinance and the two posted signs. There have also been concerns about loitering being encouraged by the outlet affixed to the sign in front of the building. An electrician has been contacted to produce an estimate for the cost of splitting the power source of the outlet from the sign light. The outlet would then have an “off” switch on the inside of the building so power would only be available when the library wanted it (i.e. for holiday lights).

Old Business: Tom Yennerell was in attendance regarding the upcoming job openings for Library
Director (March 31, 2016) and Children’s Librarian (August 31, 2015). It was agreed that the two
positions have similar qualifications but the day-to-day activities of each position vary significantly.
Tom acknowledged that one of the biggest challenges to hiring for either position is that each retiree has accumulated sick time which has to be paid out. This might be up to the equivalent of three months of pay. To pay for the sick time and employ a new person in each position would cost the town significantly more than was budgeted for STL salaries. Tom and Board brainstormed several possibilities:
1. A staff member could assume additional responsibilities temporarily and receive additional pay or
a stipend
2. An outside person could be hired to run just the programs until a full-time Children’s Librarian was hired.
3. An individual be hired for the interim until such time as the new Library Director is hired and
able to select a permanent hire for Children’s Librarian.

Russ expressed that a Children’s Librarian be hired in the autumn. After discussion the consensus of the Board of Trustees was that option three (3) was the preferred so that the new Library Director would have a choice and be able to select a “second in command” that would best help the Director fulfill their vision for the library. Russ suggested that even a student from a Master of Library Sciences program could do an internship.

The Children’s Librarian job description was updated in 2008 and Tom is very satisfied and finds
it a useful document to use in hiring. The position is currently falls under the purview of the collective bargaining unit, but because of its pseudo-supervisory qualities it was discussed that it might be more appropriate as a management/department head classification. Tom was also pleased with the list of qualifications for Library Director that was crafted by the Board of Trustees. He just believed that it needed a job description narrative. Tom was also very interested in having one or more trustees participate in the hiring process for both positions.

FOSTL Liaison: Kevin reminded that there will be a change in FOSTL leadership when the current
terms are exhausted. The Trustees discussed the recent death of longtime FOSTL member Goldie May. The board discussed the significant contributions Goldie made to the library and the community. The trustees made plans for helping out with the Book Sale on Friday and Saturday of this week.
Directors Report: Russ submitted his official letter of resignation which lists his retirement date as
March 31, 2016. Jeff Mobus, the Town Comptroller and HR Director has submitted his own letter of
resignation. Jeff knows his positions well and his absence could have impacts at the Library. The library has a new hire from Vermont Associates, Arthur Huston. Risa Hickey, a former high student volunteer, will be working at the library two days a week.
Over many years the state has changed eligibility for the retirement program. Any person working 24 hours per week in a municipality is eligible for the retirement program; under this designation there are three employees at the Library who will now be opting in to the program.
Summer programs in the library are in full swing. The state “Library Passport” program is bringing visitors to the library to get their passport stamped.
The Library continues to engage in its energy audit and lighting design study. One consultant
from Chester, Vermont has already visited the Library with two more planned in the next week. A fourth has been contacted. It is expected that all four will submit proposals. Proposals are due July 31 by 5pm. The current lighting fixtures are outdated and inefficient. (Lighting fixtures are reduced to 50% efficiency after 20 years of use). One option is to replace the current lighting fixtures with LED fixtures which are much more efficient and use bulbs that last 10 years. Whatever happens, it will be a “phased in” process so it is highly likely the results of the audit will occur soon. With the proposals, changes can easily be added to the FY17 budget.
Loitering in front of the Library continues. Police have not been present like they were after the
Trustee meeting with Chief Johnston in 2014. Russ is currently seeking consultation on motion activated lighting and a camera(s) for the rear of the building to deter loitering. There is also the possibility of adding a camera at the front of the building.
STL has received its E-Rate discount which results in an 80% reduction in phone and internet
bills. Russ submitted his response to the PACIF Action Plan that documented safety concerns in the
building. Russ corrected all concerns but one (because the recommendation was unclear).
Russ has been in contact with the Oklahoma Corrections Industries which is willing to digitize the
Springfield High School yearbooks free of charge.

Next Meeting: September 14, 2015 (no August meeting)
Meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Agenda -- July 13, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

July 13, 2015

 6:30 pm



1.   Additions to the Agenda

2.   Public Comments

3.   Minutes from June 8, 2015 Meeting

4.   Old Business
      Transition Discussion for Children’s Librarian and Library Director with Town Manager 

5.   FOSTL Liaison Report

6.   Director’s Report

7.   New Business

8.   Next Meeting Date and Adjournment