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Friday, April 17, 2015

Minutes -- April 13, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
April 13, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:38

Present: Patricia Magrosky, Chair, Sandra Richardson, Steve Matush, Kerstin Burlingame Josie Hingston (Recording), and Russ Moore (Director)

  1. Additions to the Agenda: No additions to the agenda were made.
  2. Public Comments: A discussion of the FOSTL Annual Meeting and the Charlie Nardozi talk, both of which were well attended, enjoyable events.
  3. Minutes from March 9, 2015 Meeting: Sandra moved to accept as submitted, Steve seconded. Minutes were accepted unanimously.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Geek the Library: Feed your Passion campaign update:
      1. Steve reported that Village Pizza has agreed to participate; Kerstin reported that Springfield Food Coop have also agreed.
      2. No response from 56 Main, Oriental Palace, Shangai Garden, or the Hartness House. Inviting Table 19 - Pat will visit tomorrow. Kevin reported that RVTC should decide by the end of this week. Russ will check in with 56 Main tomorrow. No news from Heritage Bakery.
      3. Deadline has been changed to April 22 on invitation letter.
      4. Some money in the budget for food - get a charcuterie/cheese plate from Black River Produce; a fruit kebab & veggie tray or something like that from Shaws
      5. Drinks - punchbowl -
      6. Invite FOSTL to have a table at Geek the Library!
      7. We need to start recruiting Geeks!! See updated spreadsheet.
      8. Invitations to community - Russ will collect addresses & print, Sandy will address postcards, will go through the postage meter at the library.
      9. Publicity - posters - newspaper announcements - Josie & Kerstin
Invitation text:
“Feed your Passion: A Little Taste of Springfield” Join us at the Springfield Town Library on May 13th, 2015 from 6-8pm for an Evening of Local Fun, Food, & Interesting People
Timeline: must go out by last week of April.
Postcards will go out by April 20th.
Geeks - by Friday April 17th
Posters - go up by April 24th
Newspapers - ASAP, get Lauren Drasler soon. Kelly Burton - Springfield Reporter.

    b. Library Director job description - tabled until after the Geek the Library event. Consider the place of technology (what is included in “technology” - social media?) as duties and skills of a library director. Revisit in June.

5.            FOSTL Liaison Report:
a.            Annual meeting was a success. Revised bylaws have been approved with an additional change: (John Follett) - one third of the board of directors membership would be elected every year.
b.            Who will attend next FOSTL meeting on May 6th - Steve volunteered, Josie will be backup. Make sure to invite them to Geek the Library.

6. Director’s Report
    Events - Charlie Nardozzi event was very successful with a good turnout. Robert Carsten on 4/29 - Plein Air painting (intro to Wet Paint Live event, October 10 2015)
    Statistics - visits up by about 500 over the past 9 months. Attendance does not include snow days (the library has never been closed for the entire day due to snow, but it does impact attendance significantly - January is a low month).
    Circulation - this time last year: 36,283 items / 39,416 in 2015.
    Town Safety Committee visited this morning - basement outlets and one in a washroom are too close to water sources, need to be updated. Storage, covers on circuit panels - but overall building condition is positive.
    Impact survey - started 3/30/2015 - how library patrons are using technology. Somewhat low participation, FOSTL and trustees need to push! Ends 4/26/2015. At least one hard-copy survey has been filled out and will need to be entered.
    E-Rate discount - we qualify for 80% discount on telephone and internet costs (almost $2000 savings for coming fiscal year)
    Bats in the Belfry will be returning with a Dept of Fish & Wildlife representative to continue working on sealing the building, especially the north wall. Must be done before 5/1/2015.
    National consultant planning session with Dept of Libraries - how to deal with budget cuts (almost a 20% reduction in current proposal) - what to cut.
    Catamount Library Meeting 4/16
    Vermont Library Conference 5/19

7. New Business: Health Nuisance Ordinance - adopted 3/9/2015, will take effect 5/8/2015.

8. Next meeting date: May 11, 2015. Steve moved, Kerstin seconded, meeting adjourned 8:09 PM.