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Friday, March 13, 2015

Minutes -- March 9, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees

March 9, 2015
Meeting called to order at 6:30.
Present: Patricia Magrosky, Steve Matush, Kerstin Burlingame, Matthew Pincus, Josephine Hingston, Kevin Coen, Sandra Richardson, Russ Moore - Director
1. Organizational Meeting:
 Election of Chair, Vice Chair, FOSTL Liaison
Steve nominated Pat for Chair - passed unanimously
Kevin nominated Kerstin for Vice Chair - passed unanimously
Discussion of FOSTL liaison - formal appointment for duties that are generally split up between board members. General feeling and experience is that all board members are acting to cooperate and confer with FOSTL (all are fulfilling the duties of a liaison).
Steve moved that for the span of a year, trustees share the responsibilities of FOSTL liaison  Pat seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Adopt Board Procedures
Modified informal Robert’s Rules of Order have been in use and continue to meet the needs of the Board.
Pat moved to continue using modified informal Robert’s Rules of Order Sandra seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
 Board Evaluation
Library IQ test - 15 questions from The Institute of Museum and Library Services

Reviewing library goals and objectives and plan - takes place as needed.
2. Additions to the Agenda - none
3. Public Comments -
A patron submitted concern over library programs for adults being held often or even primarily off-site (generally at the Congregational Church).  Similar comments to Trustees and Russ were noted Discussison of the comment under New Buisiness.

4. Minutes from February 11, 2015 - Pat moved to accept the minutes as presented. Kerstin seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
5. Old Business
Geek the Library - June 30 2015 is our deadline for using the Geek materials. A discussion of venues was resolved through referral to earlier discussion and consensus around the importance of holding library events at the library. For Geek the Library, a family friendly event just after the end of the school year (mid-June) would offer residents an early summer community event at the library that would offer some fun activities (a photo booth, a costume contest, a book hunt or Easter egg hunt), possibly some food (a tasting session, or tapas, perhaps produced in cooperation with the RVTC culinary program), and examples of local experts ‘geeking’ their passion.
It is the consensus of the board that this event will require extra-ordinary organization (we cannot expect regular meeting times to meet the needs of this event). Therefore, the Board will get hold a special meeting at the Riverside Restaurant, March 16th, 6pm.
Director’s Job Description  --Tabled due to lack of time.
6.  FOSTL Liaison Report  FOSTL has applied for Reinstatement as an active corporation with the VT Secretary of State.  Their annual meeting on April 1 will include a vote on revised bylaws.
7.  Director’s Report  No report due to lack of time.
8.  New Business
The Adult Program Coordinator submitted a letter explaining why events are held off-site.  Russ added that is mostly as a function of space - fire safety and climatic comfort are a risk during more popular, high-volume library events.  Programs with Ken Burns, Tomie DePaola and  Nick Daniloff have been held at larger venues for many years, he said .Event organizers also appreciate that events held at the CC do not require organizer to stay late after events (resulting in organizer leaving venue alone). Russ clarified that the rental agreement(s) with the CC do include room set-up and break-down.  Russ indicated that additional staff can be available in the Library during programs after closing, and that the custodian can put things away before opening the next morning.
General consensus shared was that having a program held somewhere other than the library takes impact away from the library being associated with these programs. Board and Director agree that programs should be held in the Library whenever possible, with the understanding that a certain degree of star power will require a larger venue.

Steve moved to adjourn at 8:06, motion passed unanimously!