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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Minutes -- November 9, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Springfield Town Library
Board of Trustees
Springfield, Vermont
November 9, 2015 Minutes

In Attendance: Russ Moore (Director),Pat Magrosky, Chair; Kerstin Burlingame, Vice-Chair, Josie Hingston, Kevin Coen, Steve Matush, Sandra Richardson, Oliver Owen (minutes). Absent: Matt Pincus

Meeting called to order at 6:32 by Pat.

Public Comments. Russ received many favorable comments from library patrons following the recent program featuring Willem Lange, adding that fifty or more people attended.

Minutes.  Motion to accept the September minutes as presented was made by Sandra, seconded by Steve.  Board accepted the September minutes.  Motion to accept the October minutes as presented was made by Kerstin, and seconded by Sandra.  Board accepted the October minutes.

Old Business.  Airport memorabilia.  The possibility of a temporary display of Springfield Airport memorabilia, located in the Flinn Room underneath the portrait of Mrs. Hartness was discussed. 
Flinn Room Lighting. Russ said he did not have the work estimates on hand, but recalled that it would cost about $4000 to repair the chandeliers, and we may be better off replacing them.  FOSTL could help pay and other sources of funding could be explored so as to not cut into operating expenses. 
Children’s Library Assistant.  Eight applications for this temporary position are being reviewed by Russ and the library will be accepting applications until Nov. 25th.  The position could start January 4th and run for a duration of 6 months, at 10 hours per week and $18/hr.  Russ will begin interviewing applicants soon. Meanwhile, Pat Day is being paid to do cataloging of Children’s stuff.  And Melissa Post was been hosting Story Hour in recent weeks and will carry on through the 1st week of December. Sandra initiated discussion on the possibility of the next temporary Children’s Library Assistant morphing into a full time position.
Library Director.  Russ handed out a job description and a search schedule for hiring his replacement for after his retirement April1, 2016. Russ provided a verbal overview of all sections of the job description and some suggested grammatical changes were noted. Russ commented that he did not get into the statistics and reporting aspects of the Director’s position in the job description.  Russ asked that further suggested changes to the Director’s Job description be submitted to him by email by this Thursday so that the he can submit to the town manager and post the job soon. Brief review of search schedule here: deadline for applications: Jan 5.  Review applications.  Interviews could be run through mid-January.  Hire by Feb. 1st.  Start: March 21st with at least a 2 week overlap. 

Budget..  Russ has volunteered to postpone receipt of  some of his benefits until next year in order to balance this year’s budget.  Russ will be presenting the 2016 budget to  town officials in December and will ask for only a $211 increase. 

FOSTL. The board agreed to set up tables and chairs at the holiday party.  Decoration date: December 1.  Party date: Friday, December 11, 6-7:30.  Refreshments?  Pat is going to call Bunni to ask about setting up a couple tables and running a little book sale; $1-2 per book complete with wrapping paper volunteers.  Books would be collected through board collaboration with Russ and donations would be paid to FOSTL.  Also, Bunni is stepping down as FOSTL President and there is a need for someone to step into that position.  Reminder to renew your memberships!  Also, the raffle is coming up and the board is still looking for donated items to auction off.  Please get your donations submitted to Russ no later than Monday.  Pat will be collecting the donations from the library next Tuesday morning.

Director’s Report.  Annual Report to Town was sent out.  Annual Public Library Report (coming up) has no minimum standard.  Bell ringers are ongoing.  Story Time with Melissa Post runs through the 1st of December.  The library has hosted Medicad/Medicare discussions.  The Woman’s Freedom Center had an event.  The library has a new Page, welcome high school student, Olivia Hoag. Former Springfield Library employee Art Huston died recently.  Russ pointed out that the Library Board of Trustees is not officially in the charter, but was in fact created under town ordinance.  Russ suggested that the board make it part its job to assist if the town does indeed take part in a charter revision process. Russ suggested that to do so the board would need to promote the charter at town-wide meeting.

Vermont Library Trustees and Friends Association Annual Conference.  Kevin and Josie attended this conference and shared about their experiences. Josie experienced new computer programs such as “scratch”, explored issues of technical literacy, maker spaces, worked with LEDs, textiles, robots, scribblebots, and conductive thread.  Kevin attended a workshop on “Building Capacity” and came away with the possible solutions of running a capital campaign or hosting pub trivia night in the library. Kevin and Josie also returned with a Health Screening questionnaire.          

Next meeting. January 11, 2016 at 6:30

Meeting adjourned at 8:05

Respectfully Submitted,
Oliver Owen


Friday, November 6, 2015

Agenda -- November 9, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting



Monday, November 9, 2015
6:30 pm



1.   Additions to the Agenda

2.   Public Comments

3.   Minutes from September 14 and October 12, 2015 Meetings

4.   Old Business
      FY2017 Budget

5.   FOSTL Liaison Report

6.   Director’s Report

7.   New Business
      Annual Report
      Vermont Library Trustees & Friends Annual Conference Report

8.   Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

Minutes -- September 14, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
September 14, 2015
Present: Russ Moore Director, Patricia Magrosky Chair, Kevin Coen, Sandra Richardson, Steve Matush, Josie Hingston, Matthew Pincus.

Pat called the meeting to order at 6:32pm
Additions to the Agenda
New business: Display case from the Airport commission.  

 Public Comments: Steve shared that a patron had expressed interest in the Library possibly purchasing a 3D printer.  Russ has information that he will email to the Board members on 3D printers.  Pat shared that there had been many comments and concerns about Miss. Cheryl leaving. 

Minutes from July 13, 2015 and June 8 2015 Kevin moved to accept minutes from June 8, 2015 with minor changes. Steve seconded. Minutes were accepted as amended. Sandra moved to accept minutes for July 13, 2015 as presented, Josie seconded.  Minutes for July 13, 2015 were accepted.

Old Business: The Board went into Executive Session to discuss the personal situation.  The board will compose a draft letter to present to the town manager by Friday September 18, 2015

FOSTL Liaison: Russ shared net profit just over $7,000.00 from the book sale.  As every year the issue arrives what to do with the left over books. 9-10 watermelon boxes have been donated to the recycle center.  Russ has been in contact with Better World Books.  They will take what we have and turn around.  Concern about the looks of the Flinn Room looking kind of “shabby.” The “Friends” are looking at the curtains and possibly new seating.  The board agrees that the Library could use some sprucing up.  Sandra will attend the next meeting October 7, 2015 at 6:30pm

Directors Report:  We loaned more items to other libraries than any other library in the state. Resource sharing grant based on those figures has been received.  This will offset the postage for the inter library loans.  First round of digitized SHS year books are here.  Over Labor Day there was a wedding party that had their wedding photos taken in the Library.  Russ is waiting for the photo’s to be shared.  Still having the bats re-entering the building.  The custodian has taken an interest in the bats and has worked with a professor from Dartmouth who has taken some bats for study.  A proposal for security cameras and lighting out back came in at $10,000.  This just seems to be high. 

New Business
Peter from the airport commissions has inquired to have a display case for Airport memorabilia.   The board agrees that a temporary display would be more appropriate at the Library.

Preliminary FY2017 Budget Discussion: Russ will put into the budget a request for energy conservation measures.  Russ would like to add $500 to include museum and park passes to the membership budget.  The town manager is asking Department Heads for capital improvement plans.

Next meeting Oct 12
Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Minutes -- October 12, 2015 Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Springfield Town Library
Board of Trustees
Springfield, Vermont
October 12, 2015 Minutes

In Attendance: Russ Moore (Director), Kerstin Burlingame, Vice-Chair; Kevin Coen, Steve Matush, Matthew Pincus, Sandra Richardson.  Absent: Pat Magrosky and Josie Hingston.

Meeting called to order at 6:31 by Kerstin

Public Comments. One trustee came to see the Jack Mayer adult program and thought it was wonderful.  The library was open today because the town does not celebrate Columbus Day.  A trustee noted that some patrons thought the library was closed today.

Minutes. Acceptance of the September minutes was tabled until the November meeting.

Old Business.  Children’s Library Assistant. The Library Director and Children’s Librarian positions were discussed.  There was no response to the Board’s letter to the Town Manager asking for “clarification on options available” in regard to the Children’s Librarian position.  Russ met with staff to come up with a plan of their own.  It was decided that the “temporary” Children’s Library Assistant be limited to a term of six months.  The staff was concerned about getting someone qualified to work for $11/hour.  Russ and the staff agreed to scale back hours (and duties) and raise the hourly rate to $18 for ten hours each week.  Staff, for their part, are willing to take on additional duties such as extra desk time.  Pat Day (a former Technical Services Librarian at the library (and current volunteer)is currently working 2 to 3 hours each week to catalogue new children’s books.  The temporary Children’s Library Assistant will be in charge of children’s programming and book selection.  They will also need to schedule Discovery Time and send out press releases.  Russ is currently writing a job description for this position that will serve as a stop-gap until the next Children’s Librarian is hired.  It is hoped that applicants will have experience working with Children.  Russ will conduct the interviews and hopes to interview candidates in November, have a candidate hired before the December holidays, and begin work on January 4. The full-time Children’s Librarian should be in place by July 2016. The hiring process will be conducted by the next Library Director.

Library Director. The Board also discussed the hiring of the next Library Director.  Russ will begin advertising in mid-November 2015.  He suggests holding interviews between mid January and mid-February.  It would be ideal to have a candidate hired by February 15.  Russ hopes to have the new Library Director begin work by March 21 so there are two weeks of overlap with Russ as the Director. Russ will have a revised job description available to the Trustees for the November meeting.  His revised version will take the Trustees’ earlier feedback into consideration.  Russ will be advertising for the Director in Vermont, New Hampshire, New England, with the American Library Association, and Library schools.  One to two trustees will be on the interview committee.  It will have to be decided with the Town Manager how to review applications and go through the interview process.

Budget. Russ has his proposed budget for the Fiscal Year 2017 complete.  He made a modification to the “Regular Pay” line to accommodate the likelihood that the new Library Director and Children’s Librarian will have less experience than the outgoing librarians, and thusly will be paid at a lower rate. 
The overall library budget is down for the 2016-17 year by 1.69% ($8,389).  This is despite increases in Memberships (to parks and museums so patrons can go at reduced rates) and Books.  Russ has seen fit to reduce the budget for Periodicals as there is a decrease in use of print periodicals. Russ must submit his budget to the Town Manager by November 2.

Capital Improvement Plan. Russ is also required this year to submit a capital improvement plan.  This plan is to cover the next five years to help the town plan for improvements in a systemic and fiscally responsible fashion.  Library projects as part of the plan include upgrades to HVAC, lighting design improvements, and insulation.  These three projects will greatly increase the efficiency of the library.
Other projects as part of the plan include upgrades to technology, security improvements, and repairs to the building.  Russ also hopes to add improvements to the library network so the library can take advantage of VTel’s gigabit internet. The older section of the library has a slate roof that needs to be replaced.
Russ hopes to update the library to a hybrid (wireless and wired) network so there is a grounded safety, but also the ease of wireless.  Part of the improvements would require new computers.  Matt suggested hosting a class on how to build computers and have patrons in the class build the next computers for the library.  This would reduce the cost to the library.
The security system is currently on hold because Russ received two estimates: one for $3,000 and one for $10,000.  The issue needs more investigation to better understand the difference in cost and quality of the two proposals.  For this year’s budget, only a motion-sensor lighting system is being added.
In the Flinn Room, there are numerous issues.  The plaster is peeling away from the walls.  The ceiling has water stains from the leaking slate roof.  The carpet dates from the 1989 refurbishing of the room.  Also of concern is the lack of lighting in the room.  Currently only one bulb in the chandeliers works.  HB came to investigate and found that it is most likely that the wires have dried out.  HB said it would probably be more cost effective to replace the chandeliers, but they fit the period of the room (but aren’t original) and Russ thinks it might be worth doing the repair.  HB is getting back to Russ with a repair estimate this week.

FOSTL Liaison Report. Sandra attended last week’s meeting.  FOSTL is still restoring the Russell Porter paintings at a cost of $1,200.  FOSTL is hosting its annual Open House on December 11 at the library.  The Board of Trustees agreed that they would supply a basket for the raffle.  Trustees will bring their ideas to the November meeting and should have their items gathered by December 1.  FOSTL also set April 6 as the date for their Annual Meeting.  FOSTL welcomes ideas for a speaker.  Typically they spend up to $200 on the speaker.  The FOSTL board was also concerned that a $750 donation for books had not been spent yet.  Russ said he was in the process of ordering.  Lastly Bunni announced that she would not be running for FOSTL President.  Char Osterland, who was rumored to be interested, also stated she was not running for the position.

Director’s Report.  There have been many applicants for the open Library Page position.  Russ is interviewing in the next two weeks.  Children’s and Adult programs are off to a good start.  The statewide “Passport to Vermont Libraries” summer program that invited children and adults to visit as many of the state libraries as possible had a winner in Springfield.  The young lady won in the Young Adult category by visits to 59 Vermont libraries this summer.  Russ is also preparing a shipment of books to Better World Books.  This is an attempt to dispose of the remnants from the FOSTL Book Sale.
Russ has also scheduled maintenance on the boiler.  Apparently it hasn’t been cleaned in a number of years despite a town-wide contract with a company that provides for boiler maintenance. The Library Volunteer luncheon is coming up next week. The Catamount Library Network (CLN) is hosting its annual meeting soon.  Russ’s term on the board and as its president is ending.  In light of his retirement, he will not be running for another term.  Currently the CLN has 12 member libraries running the KOHA system with two others going live within six months.  Given that there are a number of other libraries interested in joining CLN, it is likely that they will soon have 20 members and the per-library cost of running KOHA will drop significantly.
Russ is attending the New England Library Conference in Manchester, NH on October 25-27.

New Business. It is necessary to get a new secretary for library meetings.  Usually the trustees have about 10 meetings a year and each meeting pays $45.  The secretary would be an employee of the town so would not have to be a resident of Springfield.  The board members will put out feelers to see if anyone is interested in the position.

Next Meeting. November 9, 2015 at 6:30

Meeting adjourned at 7:54.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Coen