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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Minutes--August 11, 2014 Meeting

Town of Springfield
Library Board of Trustees
August 11, 2014

Present: Russ Moore Director, Kevin Coen Chair, Sandra Richardson, Patricia Magrosky, Matthew Pincus, Kerstin Burlingame, Steve Matush, and Alan Fusonie.

Additions to the Agenda: Emergency Response plan, and PSA (public service announcement).

Public Comments: GREAT BOOK SALE!  The “Friends” did a wonderful job once again. The Friends of Springfield Town Library did a great job.

Minutes from June 9, 2014: New business Open Law Change should read.  Open Meeting Law Chance.  Patricia moved to accept the minutes from June 9, 2014 as amended, Sandra seconded the motion.  The Board accepted the Minutes.

Old Business:
Amnesty & Patron Appreciation:  This will be in September, it will be a weeklong event where patrons may bring back late or lost items and not pay a late fee.  If patrons have a balance already they could pay half of the charge of no more than $10.00.
Long Range Plan:  Russ was not able to present the Long Range Plan to the Library Staff at the last Staff meeting.  It will be presented at the September staff meeting.
Geek the Library: Kevin and Patricia are going put together the “Geek the Library” for September’s Board meeting.  “Geek the Library” should help with the Long Range Plan.  The Board takes a “field trip” to the basement to see the items that the “Geek” campaign. Items that were sent included T-shirts, posters, shopping bags, post cards, and some stickers.  The Board returned and broke up into pairs and brainstorm ideas on how to present “Geek the Library” to the community.    

Emergency Response Plan:  Russ handed out an amended Emergency Response Plan to the Board.  Russ explained that in inclement weather the closing of the Library is decided by the Town Manager.  If an emergency situation should happen, than the Library Director (or designated Actin Director in the Library Directors absence) will make the decision to the action needed and will inform the Town Manager as soon as possible.    Patricia moved to adopt the Emergency Response Plan for the Library, Kerstin seconded.  The Board accepted the adaptation of the Emergency Response Plan for the Library.

PSA (Public Service Announcement): Kevin had collected the PSA’s that had been published, in the last few months.  Kevin passed the PSA’s around for the Board to look at.  Kevin will do the next PSA for September.

FOSTL Liaison Report: Steve updated the Board on the Friends of Springfield Town Library.  The FOSTL has purchased a projector for the Library.  Now the Library has two, one that will only be used at the Library and one that can be loaned out.  The date for the BBQ is Tuesday August 19, 2014 at the Putnam’s house.  Steve had suggested to FOSTL that they could send a Liaison to the Board meetings.  FOSTL is not going to have a table at the Apple Festival, they are providing another group with some book to donate but will not be there selling them.  There will be no meeting in September for the FOSTL group.  FOSTL has decided that they will have the annual Open House the week before the Town’s Tree lighting ceremony.

Directors Report: Russ presented his written report to the Board.   The main entrance is being worked on, when it’s about to be finalized the entrance will not be used; the entrance to the Flynn room will be open for one day only.  There will be a Library staff stationed at the door to make sure that patrons get in and out safely along with no damage to the stain glass that is in the door.   Russ received an estimate on camera’s and motion lights out back.  The camera installation is going to be in next year’s budget.  The motion lights can be done this year.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:  The next meeting will be Monday September 8, 2014 at 6:30pm.  Kevin called the meeting to end at 7:48pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Justine Steele

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Agenda--August 11, 2014 Meeting



 August 11, 2014

 6:30 pm


1.   Additions to the Agenda

2.   Public Comments

3.   Minutes from June 9, 2014 Meeting

4.   Old Business
      Amnesty & Patron Appreciation
      Long Range Plan
      Geek the Library Campaign

5.   FOSTL Liaison Report

6.   Director’s Report

7.   New Business

8.   Next Meeting Date and Adjournment